Personalized Sales Email Campaign at Scale using ChatGPT

16th June, 2024

Personalized Sales Email Automations

Bitscale helps you create highly customized prospecting emails and followups emails for your sales prospecting campaigns, at scale. All this using the power of tools like google research, chatgpt and sales enrichment tools like Apollo.

Writing personalized cold emails/sales pitch emails is one of the key steps in breaking the ice in conversation and establishing a connection with prospects when doing any kind of reachouts or campaigns. This becomes especially important for B2B sales reachouts.

You need to identify the intent, monitor the interests, activities and circle of work of your prospect to truly understand them and their needs. At the end of the day, sales is all about connecting with the problems of your customers and trying to solve them.

But there is an issue here!

Actually, there are 2 🙂

  • There are other people/companies also battling it out for the attention of your prospect. These might not necessarily be your direct competitors, but attention is the primary currency that Sales and Marketing is actually dealing and competing for. So this actually makes it entire world vs you! Even that funny tiktok/reel and the lure of a watercooler convo is what is competing against you for that precious attention currency!
  • And what a surprise! This currency of attention is very rare, there is only so much attention your prospects keep to give outside of completing their chores and higher priority tasks.

What this means is that time and words are of essence, the only tools you have to capture their split attention. And this is why establishing a connection becomes even more important. You donot want to squander that. The sales pitch email needs to be bang on target.

You have to win the gold, and you just have a single chance to throw that javelin. Better be the Neeraj Chopra of that attention currency competition!!

Sales Prospecting is like Olympics Javelin with just 1 chance for Gold

Prospect Research on Steroids

Extending the Olympics metaphor further (pardon the overindulgence, but Olympics 2024 is upon us!), if doing prospect research the old way (google research, Linkedin/Facebook stalking) is the Olympics then using AI & other Research tools on BitScale is like taking part in that competition on steroids. That too without the repercussions of doping!! (btw, there is a real push to legitimise this in sport as well - check here)

Now, coming back to the world of Sales and BitScale - the ability of our platform to create multi-step complex logic which gives you the power of creating interaction between tools and build steps on top of each other. This is quite unique in a way that it is easy to create and track and helps you run it on scale.

Basically all intrinsic powers of an excel interface combined with the magic of tools like ChatGPT, Google Research and Data Enrichment! This helps you create Sales Email Automation that runs at scale and is personalized for each of your prospects.

Usecase specific Sales & Marketing templates on BitScale

For our Prospect research we just need to visit the platform and create a custom grid, starting with people data.

For this blog we will go through the example of prospecting the medical researchers in California who have latest research published in the field of Brain and Neurological Disorders.

Now there are multiple steps involved in this:

  • Finding all the doctors in California who specialise in Brain and Neurological Issues
  • Do Google research for each of them to see if they have any latest research published in last 5 years
  • Go through the research papers to summarise the exact details of the research
  • Write a very personalized email to the professional, using their research to establish a connect. Then talk about your offering with the CTA to bring them on a call.

Each of the above steps are just written pretty briefly but in reality entail a lot of detail and nuance in them. It requires some meticulous, diligent work and knowledge in the field to achieve all these steps. Added to that, this is going to be time intensive as well!

BitScale Sales Automation : Cogs of the Sales Research Wheel

Putting all the above steps into an BitScale template, where you can create multi-step complex logics using columns, is the way to go. Added benefit, once you have this template you can run it infinite times. Just adding rows to the template and providing the inputs.

Here is how to do this:

Create a custom grid with data import about people from popular data enrichment services

  • We put the relevant filters to obtain the shortlist of medical researchers in California with latest research interest in Neurological Disorders. Preview and import the results.
Import People Data from Sales Data Enrichment services

  • We now have a list of people, we will fetch their email ids using the Apollo tool now. We add this to a separate column to be used later for sending cold emails.
Enrich people data on BitScale with Apollo fetch people data tool

Add Email as separate column

  • Create a google search term to search the relevant research interests of the person
Formula Column to create Google Search Term

Google Search action column to find research interests

  • Create a filter column which outputs True/False based on if the person has research interests in Brain or Neurological Research
Filter column to filter research interests

  • Create a Personalized Reachout Action Column to create templatized cold emails using the personalization found in previous google search column.
Personalized Reachout based on Research topic filter

And lo and behold, we have our very own custom template prepared!

Custom Template created for Personalized Sales Campaigns

Scalable Templates: Personalized Reachouts

What we have now is a template created using various tools like Apollo, Google Search and ChatGPT.

This can be run on scale wherein you just need to add new inputs as rows and run entire rows with a click of a button

And this template is dynamic as well! You can make changes to prompts and customize it with time to suit according to your updated needs. This is the power that our spreadsheet interface for tools provides.

Try it out today, apply for early access to the tool here -

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