Launching BitScale in Private Beta!

2nd July, 2024

Using BitScale for custom workflows like Enrichment of Company Info

We're thrilled to launch Bitscale in private Beta! And we can't wait for you to experience BitScale's new approach on using AI 😄
We are building a new UI for AI which works for your workflows at scale.

With BitScale we are bringing the power of tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, powerful methods like Prospect Research, Blog Research and combining it with the intuitiveness of Excel-like UI.

What this means is you can now automate your end-to-end workflows, using our custom templates created just like you create Spreadsheet reports!

Here are some exciting usecases that BitScale enables:
1. Personalisation of outbound emails in bulk through Linkedin, Google research and Web Scraping

2. Lead generation from Google Search and finding Lead's emails, Phone numbers etc

3. SEO Optimised blog generation in bulk

4. Build any end-to-end Sales and Marketing custom AI workflows

BitScale provides a suite of prebuilt templates to help you get started!

We would love to have you onboard this BitScale launch, to truly take your work to Escape Velocity.

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